We’re the AltRead Winner!

What an awesome way to to start the year and to end the month: thanks to everyone who voted these past two weeks, The Gift has been voted “Best Cover” at Alternative-Read.com!

The gift winner 31.1 - Alternative-Read.com

With your help, The Gift won with 70% (!!!) of the votes!

So, other than bragging rights, does this actually mean anything? Of course! The Gift will be given some coveted advertising space on Alternative-Read.com, a top 100 UK Book Blog, so that others will be given the opportunity to experience the thrill of The Gift for themselves. Then, at the end of the year, it will face off against the other winners of 2019 for the Best Cover of 2019.

Of course, all this wouldn’t be possible without the wonderful talent of my cover designer Aaron J. Morton, so all credit to him for his AWARD WINNING design!

Also, if you haven’t read The Gift yet, you can download the first three chapters for free, with no registration here: Preview The Gift

You can read the full release here:Announcing the January 2019 AltRead Best Cover Winner

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