Get Your Voting Finger Ready

Last Thursday evening I received an e-mail that went something like this: “Hey Stephanie. Your book cover is on January’s poll for Best Cover. Voting closes January 31st.” And I had two reactions. 1) Yaaaas! I love my cover! I always have, and I’m so glad it is getting some love. And, 2) It’s January 17th. The end of the month is in two weeks. Has my cover just been doing that poorly in the polls that the administrators were like, “Oh, dear. We should tell her to mobilize the troops?” Or, maybe the Month of January poll is really just 2 weeks long?….???

Whether or not the administrators had pity upon the soul of my book, or the poll is actually only two weeks long, I’m calling all of you to action. From today until January 31st, you can vote once a day for “The Gift” to win Best Cover at (Vote here: . If we win this one, “The Gift” will go into the year-end vote to be crowned champion, and well, that would just be pretty cool.

It would be so cool in fact, I made one of my classic “camera-the-wrong-way-again-I-clearly-don’t-have-a-Mac” videos which is definitely worth to watch the whole way through. Kind of like a Marvel film, but about $495 million dollars cheaper.

To vote for The Gift, vote here: Scroll down to the bottom, find The Gift, and vote. Once a day, every day 🙂


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