Party Tricks and Interviews

Have you ever wondered what my party trick is? What I love about writing? Or what the hardest part of writing “The Eve’s End” was? Good thing I answered those burning questions for you, then! Whew. It was such a pleasure to be interviewed by editor and fellow writer Kirsten McNiell on her blog “The Art is Ours” where we sat down and talked about my upcoming release, “The Eve’s End” and some other stuff . . . Like party tricks and the Instagram LIVE video we’ll be doing together next Wednesday, Nov.4th at 7pm ET! Check out Kirsten’s Instagram page to watch @writer.kirsten

Do you have questions about me or my books? Drop your questions below and I’ll answer them live next Wednesday!

Read the full interview now at: “The Art is Ours”– Sit Down with Stephanie M. Matthews

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