2020’s Amazon Best Seller! Oh, and Happy NEW Year!

Well, Happy NEW Year everyone! I see we’re all still here and that it is in fact 2021, and not Dec. 32nd, 2020; I didn’t want to jinx anything by posting a happy new year before the date actually changed. The year that was is over!

Unfortunately there’s no magical turn of the date that will reset us. There’s still many months to go before most of us will experience positive changes in COVID, and chaos breeds chaos. In many ways I was in a position to survive the year better than many. I was extremely blessed in the truest sense of the word to start a new job a month before the lockdown happened which allowed me to keep regular work hours in an industry heavily impacted by COVID. I found ways to stay active, kept lots of small, often silly goals to keep me focused, and my introverted self was happy as a peach. Sure, I missed traveling and my regular workflow and activities, but I tried new things with varying levels of success (it turns out that picking up dancing from YouTube tutorials is harder than it looks), and almost broke the 8k mark running on the trails, double of what I could do at the start of summer. But even with some cute cats and a good roommate keeping me from going isolation crazy, December 1st came and I really started to miss my people. I missed being able to shake a hand when I met someone new, give the odd hug. Missed simply walking into a store without being counted in. I missed having freedom to do what I want, go where I want, meet with whoever I want.

The “2020” year isn’t going away just because it’s now 365 + 1. But can we celebrate just one thing from the year that was? I haven’t announced it here yet but the title of this blog kind of blew my big news: thanks to all of you, “The Eve’s End” reached Amazon Best Seller status! It also hung out Top 10 in a number of categories, joining the ranks likes of Stephen King and Frank Peretti!

I can’t tell you enough what an amazing accomplishment this is for an indie author like me to achieve, and with only my second novel! If you haven’t read it yet, now is the time! Available at all major online retailers, “The Eve’s End” is the story that has been radically changing the Christmas story for people all over the world! And please, don’t forget to leave a review. Every review makes a difference.

Happy new year everyone! Let’s look ahead forgetting the past; it is behind us now 🙂

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