chillingThe debut novel of Stephanie M. Matthews, “The Gift” is a supernatural thriller that will carry you away to the wintery streets of Europe and insert you into the struggle against a darkness that haunts an innocent village. A story that is sure to grip you until the very end, “The Gift” will take you on a journey that will not be quickly, or easily, forgotten.

It’s Christmas time in a southern Belgium village where Fae Peeters has been sent by her grandmother to receive her Christmas present. Under increasing suspicion from the locals, and the growing mystery of what her grandmother’s gift could be, Fae experiences something she can only describe as the onset of insanity- but is it? Or is it something much darker?

Fae’s journey through the discovery of her gift is a non-stop ride beginning with the German invasion of Belgium in World War II, and culminating in a haunting and dramatic modern Christmas experience unlike any other.

“The Gift”  is a story of survival that will challenge your perception of the world around you, taking you through mystery, suspense and the supernatural. A narrative to satisfy thrill seekers and holiday lovers alike, “The Gift” will leave your heart racing for more!


Inside the Gift