Option 1b edit 3Having been raised as an East Coast girl in Truro, Nova Scotia, Stephanie Matthews has spent time living in Newfoundland, Oklahoma, and Italy. She has currently settled in Ontario working for a non-profit organization and writing in her spare time.

Stephanie’s love of writing came at an early age, drafting her first “real story” in Grade 2. This love has continued throughout her life, as a university professor once accused her of having made a history research paper too exciting. While this accusation inspired an opinionated debate between department professors- from which she gently excused herself, the moment solidified a decision to never take the excitement out of her writing- fiction or non.

When not writing or working, Stephanie enjoys fueling her passion for Ancient Rome and combatting her arch nemesis: her love of cookies. Stephanie also loves mountain biking, pretending like she can play hockey, or planning her bucket list, for which she had to come to the harsh reality that time travel is not an option.