The Eve’s End is Dropping Hot

Guys, gals, y’all, miei amici, everyone, “The Eve’s End” is dropping hot November 17th! I hope you enjoy this announcement video, though, I’m not a YouTuber so scale your expectations accordingly!

The Eve’s End: It’s been twenty-eight years since the events of “The Gift” left Fae Peeters forever changed. She’s lived her life as best she can under the shadow Nefas has put on her, but now, her old guardian Dominic, has forced her hand to come back to the little Belgian village for Christmas. Fae swears she’s going to have nothing to do with the Gift regardless of why she’s back, but of course her plans mean nothing… not when Nefas has had twenty-eight years to make sure she doesn’t get away from him again… and not when there’s a ghost of a young teenager Nefas killed years ago wandering the village streets; though why he was killed, no one knows. As mysteries begin to unravel a bigger picture begins to emerge: this Christmas Eve is about more than just one soul. Nefas has ambitions.

I’ve got a lot of great promo content lined up to get you ready for “The Eve’s End” so make sure you’re following my Instagram (@stephaniem.matthews) and Facebook to make sure you don’t miss anything!

If you have not yet read “The Gift”, you really should because 1) it’s an awesome read, and 2) you won’t have to worry about spoilers! You can buy here:

Amazon Canada: Click Here!
Amazon USA: Click Here!
Indigo-Chapters (Kobo & hard copy)- Click here!
Barnes & Noble (Nook & hard copy)- Click here!
iTunes Store: Click here!

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