Take a Tour with Me & Fae

Can you believe that we just passed the 4-month release anniversary of “The Gift”? This has been an incredible journey so far and I’ve really loved hearing from everyone who has read it; your reactions to what I’ve poured so much of myself into has made everything worth every moment. And I’ve found out how strong an opinion you all can have, and that is amazing!

To mark this 4-month anniversary I want to share with you a video I shot while in Rome last year, a video following in Fae Peeters’ footsteps while she herself was briefly in Rome, and specifically, while she was in St. Peter’s Basilica. You can see what Fae saw as she stopped underneath the iconic baldacchino, walk across the same marble floors, and follow her down into the crypt (as far as cameras were allowed) through the hidden door in St. Andrew’s statue- yes, there really is a “secret” door in the base of the statue, which, let’s not kid ourselves, is pretty awesome. It’s a video without spoilers so even if you haven’t read the book yet (and if you haven’t, what have you been doing with your life?), and just want to see inside the magnificence which is St. Peter’s, take a watch!

Personal disclaimer: I do feel the need to apologize for the vertical-ness of the camera and the inconsistent volume. Sorry guys- better next time?

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