Release Day Hath Cometh

And on the seventh day, God rested, but there was no rest for the self-publishers.

That’s what I felt like my reality was for the last 2 years as I spent countless hours not only doing the normal author thing (writing, editing, editing, editing….editing…edi….), but also navigating how to be a self-publisher, and a Canadian self-publisher at that, which of course, doesn’t always play by the same America-centric rules, occasionally, sometimes for the better.

The last time I saved my first draft of “The Gift” was in May 2014 meaning I began writing it in 2013. I have eight distinct versions of my manuscript saved, each version averaging out to at least 2 or 3 read-throughs. Since 2013, I’ve gone through 12-months of school getting a new piece of fancy paper, a house move, a new job, a translation revision of an entire non-fiction work, and an editor dealing with a family upheaval, all the while figuring out this whole new world of self-publishing. As much as I thoroughly enjoyed working on this story which I still love after some fourteen+ readings, it was something of an endless journey, watching my life bleed away in front of a computer screen.

Endless Time
But despite the set backs and the (completely) newbie mistake of believing six months was more than enough time to work through three professional edits and get the book uploaded to three different distributors, I have finally and actually come to the end of the tunnel. Now, granted, that tunnel has led me to a new, actually endless path of self-marketing, but let us together enjoy this moment for what it is. Something of a victory.

I mean, hey, I wrote and published a book!

Mic Drop

So thank you to everyone who have supported me on this journey, and who have already bought my book and who will be- I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I did.

You can order your copy of “The Gift” online now! This list of retailers isn’t exhaustive, but only most common.

Amazon Canada: Click Here
Amazon USA: Click Here
Indigo-Chapters (Kobo & hard copy): Click here
Barnes & Noble (Nook & hard copy): Click here
iTunes Store: Click here


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